BlockLords is getting ready for its closed beta on TRON

From NEO, to TRON, BlockLords is testing the game extensively

While it has previously debuted a closed beta build on the NEO blockchain, BlockLords is moving to do the same on TRON. Having received a great deal of feedback from testing in late February, allowing the team to iron out a large number of bugs before debuting on TRON’s Shasta testnet.

Those interested in participating in this beta test will first need to install the TRONLink digital wallet.

Much akin to Metamask for Ethereum-based games, this will enable users to access the testnet and obtain TRX.

Once players have accessed the testnet, they’ll be able to sign in, create a hero and start battling!

For more information about how to participate in the BlockLords beta, visit the Medium post.

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