The NEO Game Conference is fast approaching

NEO aims to become a powerhouse as a blockchain solution for game developers

Blockchain has become an innovation that game developers have caught on to with relative speed. Among those solutions used in Asia, NEO is one of the dominant names in the space. And with just days before the beginning of the Tokyo Game Conference, NEO intends to make developers aware of blockchain.

Along with sporting some of the biggest names such as Netease, Sina, and DMM Games. The conference has its fair share of up and coming development studios, including a range of game demos that showcase the potential of NEO to shape the players experience.

Above all, for the NEO team and blockchain game enthusiasts, the team will be hosting an ‘Ideathon’ in collaboration with TV Tokyo. Throughout this Ideathon, developers will work to pitch their game concepts to a panel of judges.

The developer/s that showcase the most captivating storyline and application of blockchain will win the grand prize of 500,000 Yen ($4,500). For the blockchain’s founder and core developer, Erik Zhang, NEO intends to become the ultimate chain solution for game developers seeking to revolutionize the space.

“We aim to build the most popular one-stop solution for blockchain game development,” Zhang continues.

“We will work with more game industry leaders to explore the future of blockchain games.”

For more information about the Tokyo Game Conference, visit the website.

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