NantG gears up for relaunch of Z1 Battle Royale through WAX partnership

Battle Royale just became a whole lot more interesting – Just add WAX

The world of Battle Royales is where the mainstream players thrive in, as Fortnite, PUBG, and others can attest to. Among these titles is Z1 Battle Royale, which is gearing up for its third season and subsequent re-launch this year.

In order to give it a profound edge over the competition, the NantG team is partnering up with the Worldwide Asset Exchange – WAX. What makes this partnership all the more exciting for the companies and players alike is what it means for digital items.

The NantG team will be giving away hundreds of digital assets and skins, which are fully tradable on the OPSkins marketplace. This potential means that it will be one of the first battle royale games which offer immediate monetary value to the player.

Senior Manager of Business Development for WAX, Evan Vandenberg is enthusiastic about the partnership. Expressing a great deal of excitement about the application of digital assets within Z1.

“We’re excited to team up such a ground-breaking game on this new release. We’re sponsoring this exclusive skin drop where these one-of-a-kind items can only be acquired for a limited time through WAX enabled platforms.”


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