Unity wants to add cryptocurrency tokens to its suite of tools

Unity has taken some major steps towards providing developers with greater freedom for their digital assets

Total ubiquity of a digital asset, meaning its freedom to be used across multiple platforms, never came to fruition for mainstream games. This is something that Unity wants to take steps to change, as the company alludes to with its latest filed patent.

The objective of Unity? To provide a universality to digital assets and currencies, or at least according to the language in its patent. “There are currently no known ways to assign objects (both physical and virtual) to unique identifiers and allow those objects to be altered, transferred, swapped, exchanged, traded, given, and associated with a location.”

The description of the patent in question goes on to detail just how digital assets can be used by developers to create unique mechanics in-game.

“[T]heir associated objects can then be manipulated by applications or users in order to form collections and trigger events based on object transformations.”

Unity has been making major steps towards integrating blockchain technology, and making it readily available for developers. Between its partnership with Enjin and its dedicated SDK, as well as earlier collaboration with the Kik Kin token and AppCoins.

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