Aptoide’s blockchain app store payment system AppCoins now available through Unity

Opening the doors for distribution

Aptoide, the Android app store behind blockchain project AppCoins, has announced it’s signed a deal with tools provider Unity.

Partnering with Unity shows that we are taking the right steps forward.

Paulo Trezento CEO, Aptoide

This means the Aptoide IAP technology, which embeds the AppCoins protocol, will be available through Unity for developers to integrate with their games.

In this manner, developers will be able to get a version of their mobile game immediately available through the Aptoide app store, using AppCoins.

Growth market

Aptoide boasts over 200 millions users mainly in south east Asia and Latin America through deal with OEMs and other telecoms companies.

Partnering with Unity shows that we are taking the right steps forward,” commented Aptoide CEO Paulo Trezentos.

“The integration of the AppCoins protocol on the Unity platform helps us continue our pursuit of a more open and safe transaction process for the app market.”

You can get an idea how the AppCoins protocol works in the following video.

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