MLB Crypto Baseball is gearing up for the 2019 season

Batter up!

MLB Crypto Baseball is gearing up for the 2019 season after an immensely successful debut last year. The new season concluded with exceptionally good results for the Lucid Sight team. Having drawn in an estimated total of $1.1 million in sales and trading volume over its debuting season.

On the basis of each figurine, the initial value of one of these NFTs began at $5, rising to $22 as of March 2019, according to the Lucid Sight team. With special characters such as Babe Ruth selling for over $400 as well.

New Season – new features

With the late point of the 2018 season to contend with, the development team and players only had the figure design as a metric for rarity. With the new season, the team has announced the establishment of the Player Rarity Index (PRI) to help track NFT performance over a season.

Depending on the performance of the NFTs real-life counterpart in each game, the less-likely that player will appear as a reward. This greater rarity works to increase its PRI, making it more likely that it will receive new rare attributed, and a higher value for players.

Taking team management off-chain

Transition delays were one of the strains placed on players and the platform for setting up teams in the previous season. To streamline the process for players, especially in order to set up 22-man teams, MLBC has taken the process of game creation and management off-chain.

Updates and modifications which may happen to various cards over the course of the season will take place off-chain too.

Along with these factors, players will be given more opportunities to win new NFTs with a series of new events. In total, these consist of:

3 – Home Run Game Events
2 – Double Play Game Events
2 – 9 Strike Out Game Game Events
1 – 5 RBI Game Game Event
1 – Shutout Game Event
1 – Grand Slam Game Event
1 – No-Hitter Game Event

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