Babe Ruth sells for $575 on MLB Crypto Baseball

Legends never die, they go on the blockchain

The Great Bambino has finally reached the end of its auction on MLB Crypto Baseball. Yesterday, the team announced that the figurine of the legendary Babe Ruth was finally sold for a total of 4.4 ETH. For those unfamiliar with the ever-shifting price of Ethereum, it roughly translates to $575.

For those distraught that this announcement means that the figurines are all gone can rest easy (for now). According to the MLB Crypto Baseball website, there are a few remaining in the following rarities:

Yankees Ultra Rare – 1 remaining

Yankees Rare – 2 remaining

Braves Rare – 1 remaining

Red Sox Rare – 1 remaining

So while a sigh of relief can be had, these figures are going fast. Visit the website if you’re interested in snatching up the Sultan of Swat.

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