Gods Unchained reaches a tournament prize pool of $377,000

Gods Unchained is going from strength to god-like strength

Gods Unchained continues to flesh out its game this month. While it works its way towards its beta, it’s also announced that its tournament prize pool has reached $377,000.

Since its release, Gods Unchained has carved out a niche for itself as more than just a blockchain-based card game. It set its sights on the world of e-sports early one, with a percentage of every card pack it sells going towards a prize pool.

According to its recent Twitter announcement, it’s safe to say that it’s met with initial success.

The team went on to reiterate that tickets for its first tournament in 2019 have since sold out. But those aspiring spectators and competitors need not be disappointed. While tickets aren’t available through the Gods Unchained website, there are still a number of users selling the tickets on.

In summary, congratulations to the Fuel Games team for their success thus far.

To find out more, visit the website.

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