Samsung discloses more information about S10 blockchain integration

Ethereum takes center stage

Rumor is very much akin to the news with more excitement and a greater likelihood of being wrong. This was very much the case with the speculation which surrounded the Samsung Galaxy S10 in the past month.

With the leaked images of Enjin and its digital wallet on the company’s flagship phone, there are some more details about just how much integration of blockchain is involved.

While we had initially found that applications such as its Blockchain Keystore. Samsung has since confirmed that the S10 will include a special private key storage system called ‘Knox.’

Blockchain integration – winners and losers

While it was alluded to very early on, Samsung has since confirmed that a number of cryptocurrencies would be available on the phone. Specifically, these consist of Enjin and Cosmee. The integration of Enjin means that the platforms multiverse has the potential to be integrated into the S10.

One of the real winners in the integration of blockchain into this phone is Ethereum. And it’s argued that, from a technical perspective, this allows for the seamless deployment and use of any dApps that users may want on their smartphone.

The plus side is that the vast majority of blockchain games will have a clear shot into the mobile gaming market. The downside being that, whether due to technical reasons or frequency of use, other chains such as EOS, TRON, etc are left out of a major market (for now).

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