CryptoFights successfully sells over 3,000 chests in pre-sale

CryptoFighs continues to cleave through those milestones

Since the beginning of its item pre-sale at the beginning of 2019, CryptoFights has continued to shatter milestones.

Now, with blockchain gaming reaching the tail-end of March, the team has officially managed to sell over 3,000 chests. At a cost of $25 each, that means a total of $77,000 as of the beginning of this week, and players are in on the celebrations as always.

Much like with previous milestones, the CryptoFights team has ensured that the support of the community doesn’t go unrewarded.

So, players that took part in the pre-sale will have one of the game’s ‘Special’ rarity weapons. With the pre-sale still ongoing, this means that players have only one reward remaining: The Staff of Ethereum, which unlocks at 3,300.

From there, the CryptoFights team may need to consider some stretch goals!

Flexibility is certainly something the team is getting a reputation for, thanks to its integration of Bitcoin SV, along with accepting a wide range of currencies in its pre-sale.

For more information about the CryptoFights pre-sale, visit the website.

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