NFT games, their evolution and sustainability: SolChicks CEO William Wu [video]

SolChicks CEO William Wu talks about the evolution and sustainability of NFT games in this video presentation

SolChicks is a trailblazing NFT-based play-to-earn game, but how exactly did it come to be? What are the main things game developers should consider when creating NFT games? How do play-to-earn titles differ from traditional ones? Find out in this session from the online conference Beyond Games # 2, where SolChicks CEO William Wu discusses the game’s roots and more.

The sustainability of NFT games

At the online conference in November 2021, William Wu (SolChicks) talks about the exponential growth of NFT games. He discusses how play-to-earn games are transforming traditional gaming and beyond. NFT games are extending the industry’s reach to players who normally wouldn’t play games in the first place.

Wu also touches upon the untapped potential of the market today. This is where long-term sustainability comes in. In particular, blockchain-based titles shouldn’t simply focus on the play-to-earn aspects of a game. There has to be real value there, and an engaging reason for players to actually enjoy the gameplay experience.

SolChicks and its history

After talking about the need for games to have revenue-generating users – people who are there to play the game and actually spend on it – Wu shares the humble beginnings of SolChicks with the audience. He discusses Solana in relation to Ethereum’s current issues, and how Solana play-to-earn gaming is still in its infancy. He also sheds light on SolChicks and its goals, as well as its game modes, highlights and more.

During the Q&A portion of the session, Wu talks about how developers also need to know about the business side and the economy of the industry. He shares his insights on the differences between developers of traditional games and NFT games as well.

This half-hour session is ideal for anyone who’s curious about SolChicks and Solana. It’s also a great watch if you’re keen on learning about the evolution of blockchain-based games today. You can see conference panels like this in person by attending our upcoming partner events.

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