What is IRON?

Reinventing PC game distribution

Token: IRON
Blockchain: ETH
Standard: ERC-20
Company: Robot Cache
Total supply: 300 million
Status: Pre-TGE
Soft cap: $15 million
Hard cap: $30 million
Mining: Y

IRON is a ERC-20 standard token used in US company Robot Cache’s forthcoming decentralised game and in-game item exchange.

The Robot Cache PC client provides the wallet for IRON tokens.

Gamers purchase digital PC games using IRON, and receive a unique ownership token which provides access to a game. Once they’ve finished playing, they can sell this token, receiving IRON in return.

Under a proof of gaming approach, players will also receive a small amount of IRON for playing games. This incentivized system strengthens the Robot Cache network while limiting the impact of non-rational actions i.e. buying a game but not playing it.

Effectively, this proof of gaming acts as a mining process for overall network and runs when gamers are logged into the Robot Cache PC client but aren’t actively using their computers.

Other uses for IRON include for retail discounts, and as a referral currency to encourage gamers and streamers to get their friends and audience to join Robot Cache.

At time of writing, IRON is pre-TGE. The proposed distribution of its 300 million supply will be as follows:

Source IRON White paper

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