What Is Google’s Blockchain Node Engine?

The service is intended to support Web3 companies with their development

Google has announced it will be building upon its commitment to helping Web3 developers with the new Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine. Google has stated that this new service will help developers to build and deploy new products on blockchain-based platforms.

Blockchain nodes are used as moderators that build the infrastructure of the network, these nodes create a peer-to-peer network that exchange the latest data so that each node can remain in sync. These self-managed nodes can require extensive management however. Google’s Blockchain Node Engine is stated to be a fully managed-node hosting service that aims to minimise the need for node operations.

Google commented that Web3 companies who require dedicated nodes will be able to use the service to relay transactions, deploy smart contracts, and read or write blockchain data with the reliability, performance, and security that they would expect from Google Cloud. Ethereum is detailed as the first blockchain which is supported by Blockchain Node Engine.

A helping hand 

According to Google’s announcement, Web3 organisations can expect to see benefits in streamlined provisioning, which aims to allow developers to deploy a new node with a single operation making the process faster and simpler. Users can also expect to use Blockchain Node Engine to secure development, as security configurations can help prevent unauthorised access to nodes. In addition to this, BNE acts as a fully managed operation, which reduces the need for a dedicated DevOps team.

Google states that it is looking forward to supporting organisations with its new service so that developers can focus their time on innovation and scaling their Web3 applications.

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