The Big Interview: War Riders’ Vlad Kartashov – From security and Bitski to Whales

Blockchain game development has an interesting 2019 to come

2019 is set to become a good year for blockchain game development, at least that’s what many developers think. The vast majority believing that the crypto-winter of yesteryear has allowed for dead wood to be cleared. Allowing for a broader professionalization to occur within the industry and for specific blockchain game projects.

We are certainly seeing examples of that from the heeded calls for developers to place emphasis on User Experience and ease of onboarding. But in a discussion with Vlad Kartashov of Cartified, the development company behind the post-apocalyptic War Riders, there are still obstacles to tackle.

Kartashov, as both a self-professed inventor, CEO, and Co-founder, has been highly active in the game development space. So with 2019 underway, we talk obstacles, tri-chain, and Bitski.

Triple your chains, triple the gains?

Games like EverDragons leveraged Ethereum and TRON, giving users on both access to both

One of the emerging trends that we’ve seen from blockchain game developers includes going multi-chain.

This refers to the leveraging of more than one blockchain solution, making the title readily available on each.

While this is a net positive for developers, Kartashov explains that there are still some matters to consider from blockchain solutions. Especially when a developer is hosting their game across multiple chains.

With digital assets ranging in value from $1-1,000, there is a lot of money to lose from cyber attacks

“Being available, and giving players the ability to play on the blockchain they specifically like is certainly beneficial.” Kartashov concedes to the implicit advantage but continues on to argue the potential drawbacks to this setup.

“The only problem is worrying about security hacks, and certainly there are still questions to ask about various solutions that are out there.”

And while blockchain technology itself provides a higher level of protection than more centralized alternatives, that doesn’t mean that the threats are null.

With games being part of a far broader ecosystem, that doesn’t mean that they would be spared from the likes of DDOS or 51% attacks. And with Blockchain games being partly, or often wholly on-chain, this puts the entirety of its digital assets at risk.

“The concern for these games is: if they get hacked through an attack or bots, the entire ecosystem of the game would be jeopardized.” With close to millions of dollars worth of digital assets on-chain, being across three of them provides flexibility, but coincides with risk.

War Riders go Bitski

With so much risk associated with digital assets on blockchain games, including Kartashov’s own War Riders, what can developers do to protect users from potential theft?

One is by using the same third-party solution as institutional investors come to use; digital asset and private key storage.

“We [at War Riders] recently implemented Bitski,” Kartashov continues. “It’s essentially a wallet that doesn’t require an extension in your browser. They store your private key and serve as cold storage.”

Whether we like the comparison or not, games that make use of blockchain for digital assets are, to some extent, an investment. As a result, taking precautions to make these same assets more secure makes a great deal of sense.

Whales – important, no matter what the sea

Blockchain games are steadily growing in the number of users, but while this includes users otherwise having their first experiences with blockchain, whales are certainly not going anywhere. “I think we need both,” argues Kartashov, seeing both newcomers being the supporters of mass adoption, with whales supporting a game’s economy.

“The whales are going to be the ones to support and boost sales while helping developers get more items onto the market. All because it’s in their interest to get more items on there.”

It makes a great deal of sense for a varying scale of blockchain-adept users would have a meaningful place in a blockchain gaming ecosystem. With whales, we have the experienced investors that can set the valuation of assets, while helping to onboard new players.

Meanwhile, this gives new players every incentive to steadily move from complete inexperience to the next blockchain whales.

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