Why Overwolf partnered with blockchain game loyalty program Buff

Plugging blockchain into 15 million existing players

While much of the sizzle of blockchain gaming concerns ambitious game projects, the low-hanging fruit in terms of scale are existing platforms.

Examples include the likes of Enjin Coin, WAX and GamerToken.

If you want to build a great loyalty program, you need a solution that's great for the entire ecosystem; the player, the publisher and the platform

Uri Marchand CEO, Overwolf

And now it’s time to add Buff to the list.

The Israeli-based outfit plans to launch its ERC20-compliant BUFF Coin and blockchain later in 2018, which it hopes will eventually underpin a global blockchain-based royalty program for gaming achievements.

And the first step towards that goal is a partnership with PC gaming platform Overwolf.

Right product, right time

“I’ve been looking a blockchain technology for a couple of years,” explains Overwolf CEO Uri Marchand.

“It’s always been interesting, but we didn’t have the necessary focus or bandwidth to do our own token.

“Other blockchain companies reached out to us, but we were looking for the right opportunity. And that was Buff.”

With over 15 million monthly active players, and partnerships with the likes of Nvidia, Twitch and esports teams such as Cloud9 and TeamLiquid, Overwolf enables players to add new functionality to over 700 PC games including Overwatch, Fortnite and PUBG.

These HTML5 or JavaScript extensions are created either by Overwolf or third parties and are highly optimised to limit any performance hit.

Overwolf isn’t taking an equity stake in Buff, nor is the partnership exclusive for either party. Overwolf will be part of Buff’s marketing plan in term of the ICO and post-launch adoption, however, and will be paid in BUFF for that activity.

By gamers, for gamers

Marchand says its adoption of Buff will be entirely focused on the user experience.

“If you want to build a great loyalty program, you need a solution that’s great for the entire ecosystem; the player, the publisher and the platform.”

Buff CEO Elay De Beer agrees. “This is a bottom up product that will offer gamers a simple value proposition: Play games to earn coins, and the better you play, the more coins you’ll earn.

“Gamers don’t care about blockchain. They care about what they can do with the coins they earn.”

In this context, BUFF coins will be convertible into Overwolf’s platform currency Wolfcoins, as well as other exchanged for other blockchain tokens or fiat currency in the usual way.

Buff will be releasing its MVP alongside a public token sale in May, launching the BUFF token in June, and hopes to have its app live through Overwolf before the end of 2018.

You can find out more via its website.

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