OpenSea introduces card purchases of ETH to marketplace

OpenSea is working to streamline user experience

OpenSea has made a few more changes to its platform, including adding card/bank top-ups for ETH

One of the biggest pains attached to blockchain gaming is the lack of interoperability that can often follow it. Specifically true when it comes to buying ETH and putting it to use within a players game of choice. Digital Marketplace, OpenSea has since announced some updates to its platform, including card payments.

In an announcement to its community, the team announced that, whenever users find they don’t have the right amount of ETH for a transaction, they can pay the remainder using an attached card.

Users then have the option of topping up their ETH through a card or their bank account, providing much more flexibility.

The team goes on to add that those looking to bulk buy ETH can make payments through their bank, thanks to the inclusion of Wyre.

Along with this streamlining of transactions, OpenSea has made further changes to both its API and User Interface.

Be sure to check it out by visiting the website.

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