MyDream reveals its Jewelz token and AllMine app

Ex-VR dev will launch blockchain project in Q3 2018

US developer MyDream Interactive has turned its back on VR and is heading to the blockchain gaming party.

It’s working on its Jewelz token, which will launch in Q3 2018 alongside its game AllMine.

We created Jewelz to enable anyone to participate in cryptocurrency mining

Allison Huynh MyDream CEO

As the name suggest, AllMine is a companion mining app for the token. MyDream reckons its patent-pending Serial Proof of Work algorithm means anyone with a PC will now be able to mine for Jewelz.

Indeed, it will also launch a dedicated mining program JewelzMiner, which can run in the background on any PC.

Interestingly it will try to limit the mining for Jewelz to one account per individual with an onboarding process that will require a $0.99 IAP through the AllMine mobile app. This will result in a public/private keypair being assigned.

Crypto-mining for all

“We are building a stable foundation for the Jewelz cryptocurrency through gamification, with the goal of democratizing cryptocurrency mining,” commented MyDream CEO Allison Huynh.

“We created Jewelz to enable anyone, regardless of their access to computing power, to participate in cryptocurrency mining.”

In the long term, the developer hopes to expand the Jewelz ecosystem to support additional games as well as educational applications to teach children basic economics, mathematics, and cryptographic principles.

You can find out more details and sign up for email updates via the Jewelz website.

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