Mobile game merch platform Monetizr reveals MTZ token

TGE expected later in 2018

Just as in-game asset marketplace such as OPSkins and Gameflip are getting excited about blockchain so with in-game merchandising outfits like TheMonetizr.

It currently offers a merchandising platform that developers can plug into their mobile games to sell branded goods like t-shirts and phone cases.

And Monetizr, the US-based Techstars-backed company behind the platform is looking to take advantage of the blockchain too.

Extending utility

Key to this will be its Game Reward Engine, which will be powered by the MTZ token.

Players can earn these by playing games and gaining achievements and then use their tokens – earned in any game that supports MTZ – to buy merchandising or cash them out.

The company will have a token generation event later in 2018, and even has plans to enable crypto-mining on phones.

You can sign up for more details as they become available via its website.

Source Venturebeat

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