Glitch Goons is officially closing development

Glitch Goons has announced a pause on development this week

Citing challenges in bringing it to a profitable point, accounts will be closed as of Monday 29th April

Glitch Goons‘ development team, Ether Dale, has announced that it will be pausing development on its game this week. In a tweet from its social media account, the team made clear its intentions of doing so for the foreseeable future.

The company cites an unsuccessful attempt at bringing the project ‘to a profitable stage.’ This statement may be with reference to its previous item pre-sale and promotional airdrops over late 2018 and early 2019.

Regardless, for players, the game will remain in operation for the time being. But, much akin to other previously seen closures, the team will be unable to provide technical support ahead of a broad closure of player accounts by the end of April.

It remains unclear whether there will be a pivot in focus back to Ether Dale or to other future developments, however. Checking the Ether Dale Twitter also shows that its account has been suspended.

For more information about Glitch Goons and Ether Dale, visit the website.

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