DOGI announces new partnership with Ether Dale

80’s retro meets modern fandom

Since it announced its retro fighting game, Glitch Goons, Ether Dale has garnered a lot of attention.

One company, in particular, is DOGI (Discovery Of Game Innovations) which has since partnered up with the developer.

The partnership will coincide with the release of the beta platform of

With this release taking place, the company believes that this will give Glitch Goons far greater exposure its predominantly Chinese gaming community, with aspirations to become a global platform.

The use of this platform offers developers the ability to directly manage smart contracts and transactions, or delegate them to us the platform’s systems instead.

“DOGI currently offers free platform services with the option for the developers to independently handle the smart contracts and transactions, or to utilize DOGI’s facilitation of smart contract construction and deployment.”

To find out more about Glitch Goons and DOGI, visit the websites.

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