War Riders introduces multiplayer and new build release

War Riders is edging closer to its multiplayer test

Along with announcing the winners of its Wanderer competition, War Riders discloses more about its upcoming multiplayer alpha

For the War Riders team and community, there are some changes coming to the title.

These range from a post-mortem of its Wanderer competition to the brand new multiplayer and build coming soon.

War Riders’ test wasteland went through some pretty thorough testing by its community.

With the conclusion of the Wanderer Competition, players had managed to discover all statuettes located in-game.

For those winners of the Wanderer Competition, they include very exclusive skins and badges.

Multiplayer testing, new build and customization

While there have been some delays in the rollout of the alpha for War Riders. The team has set a date for the beginning of alpha testing for its multiplayer system as May 15th. Though this is a provisional time-frame, not taking into consideration any potential hold-ups.

For players and developers, the test is a win-win – allowing developers to uncover the demands from server infrastructure. While players get to test out the wasteland, and battle other players.

At the moment, mining mechanics will follow the multiplayer alpha, as it will allow the dev team to assess network demands in order to roll out Benzine mining.

Be sure to check out the full update report by the War Riders team here.

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