Blazing Core becomes second client game to arrive on The Abyss

Combining Knight Mechs with The Abyss

Blazing Core is now the second client-title to launch on The Abyss

Alongside the survival RPG Will To Live, Blazing Core is the second client game to arrive on The Abyss MVP. Having launched last week, the platform now hosts an already impressive initial line-up of titles.

Blazing Core being the newest, places an emphasis on teamwork between players. Built on top of Unreal Engine 4, it provides players, not only with an extensive range of mechs. But is a visually captivating game thanks to the graphics and gameplay footage.

The co-operative multiplayer element is what influences the kind of mech loadout players use. In order to effectively complement the power of the team, players can switch out their components and weapons to gain an edge.

According to the development team – Octobox Interactive Studio – the game consists of the following online game modes:

  • 3 versus 3 battle over map points
  • 6 versus 6 battle where the players are assisted by creep-tank
  • A classic team deathmatch

An Abyssal introduction

Over the first 30 days of its launch, The Abyss is giving users a special 75% discount, and more if they use ABYSS tokens.


Be sure to check out some of the gameplay footage with its new trailer right here.

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