CryptoKitties introduces robotic interoperable traits

The community has already found some 'purrstige' genetic makeups

Cryptokitties has showcased its brand new series of ‘purrstige’ traits this week

Cryptokitties has now introduced its purrstige mode (sort of). This refers to a new line of traits introduced by the team, giving your kitties some interesting looking robotic features. Players should be aware that these traits, while being breedable, are only available until August 31st.

So what are Purrstige traits?


Every Kitty NFT has a set of 48 genes, some of which are completely visible. The ‘Cattributes’ dictate its shape, colour and visual aesthetics overall.

Purrstige traits are a rare series of traits to unlock (hence the name) by players. It’s because players need to find the right mixture of in/visible genetic traits to unlock one or more.

While these would mean that going Purrstige would be highly elusive for newer members of the community. This hasn’t stopped members of the community from finding genetic ‘recipies’ like these:

For more information about this new line-up of traits, and some of the mods recommended from the community, visit the website.

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