CryptoKitties – NFTs have never looked so ‘Gouda’

CryptoKitties reveal their newest kind of 'cultured' kitty

Non-Fungible Tokens have never looked so Gouda

With the introduction of its brand new game – Cheese Wizards – the CryptoKitties team is flexing its item interoperability.

Just how it does this is with its brand new Kitty, known as ‘Curdlin,’ a limited and well-‘cultured’ collectable.

Why limited? The Dapper Labs team has stated that this NFT will only be available until November 30th.

To get users excited to breed one of these, for any that are bred before May 31st will be entered for a chance to become one of the 30 Cheese Wizard founders.

Only 99 of these ‘Curdlin’ kitties will ever exist, making it a race for a very exclusive set.

The team has since disclosed some of the genes needed in order to obtain this kitty:

Check out the full post here to find out how to compete.

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