Etheremon starts off its tournament registrations

Leagues include Beginner and Rookie for the time being

With a series of common or rare quality NFTs up for grabs, Etheremon is kicking off its tournaments with a bang

Among the features that are the most sought after with the Etheremon world, tournaments are among them. With the beginning of this week, we get to find out more about how these tournaments work. According to the team, each one of them will have pre-set registration and commencement dates, and consist of two ‘leagues’:

  • Beginner: Open to Mons level 1 to 26
  • Rookie: Open to Mons level 26 and above

So what is on the line for players? Depending on just how successful you and your team are in passing each tournament round, these can be a range of common or rare quality Mon NFTs.

Beginner tournament

Winner — a random Common Mon out of Cryptise, Ekopi, Tygloo and Matara

Rookie tournament

Winner — a random Rare Mon randomly out of Greipawn, Kikapole, Dusprite and Iquander

How players can register to join these tournaments is a little roundabout.

Players will need to enter the game and find this location:

Be sure to visit the site for more information.

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