Nifty Football – a progress report

Nifty Football has already gained some great traction

It’s been roughly one week since the release of Nifty Football and the start of its sale.

Nifty Football has been active on Ethereum for more than a week now, so we dive into its progress. It’s within this short stretch of time that players have managed to build up a myriad of NFT teams.

Among them, the Nifty team gives a special mention to team 90, which is one of the best team layouts so far. If you’re a fellow player, check out their line-up right here and see if you can outmatch it.

For the best and worst teams, the Nifty devs will be giving both some much-needed accolades and support. 90, for example, will win a special shirt badge, a captain’s armband and some merchandise from Brewdog, the game’s sponsors.

Secondary market activity

Within this span of time, the player community has been actively buying up Nifty’s blind packs. All the while, the team also noticed that users have been building a strong secondary market as well.

Among those cards sold, some – like the NFT Dylan Robinson – have sold for 1 ETH, demonstrating the kind of intrinsic value these cards have.

On the subject of blind packs – which refers to the randomized packs sold by Nifty – the team is making some changes as of the 22nd May.

“On the 22nd May, 2 weeks after go-live, we will reduce the base on the generator functions by 5%. This is inline with our general policy to reward early adopters and ensures genesis cards and early token IDs will generally be the stars of the Nifty Football universe.”

Be sure to check out the Nifty Football team by visiting the website.

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