Become the big cheese by battling it out on Cheeze Wizards

The battle is on to become the Big Cheeze

Cheeze Wizards is coming forward with more info about how players can become the big cheese

For the Dapper Labs team, its latest game is as much an [interesting] experiment. Cheeze Wizards is the newest title from the creators of CryptoKitties, and while it was previously launched with very little in the way of details. The team is now revealing just what the game entails for players.

According to the recent post by the team, Cheeze Wizards is a PvP duelling game, with each wizard functioning as an interoperable NFT. With competitions operating over the course of weeks – the more wizards taking place, the bigger the prize.

Only the strongest will be able to survive these contests. As a blue mold mechanic removes weaker wizards from play if they lose a series of 1v1 bouts. When one wizard remains, they officially become the ‘Big Cheese’.

Battle Royale games have since gained an enormous amount of popularity from the mainstream world. But Cheese Wizards shouldn’t simply be thought of as Fortnite on blockchain. As the team concludes – it’s as much an experiment as it is a game.

“The gameplay in Cheeze Wizards is relatively simple, utilizing a game logic and battle system more similar to Pokemon than Street Fighter. The art is deliciously weird and beautifully animated, but it’s two-dimensional and won’t melt your graphics card.”

For information about Cheese Wizards, check out the post here.

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