Chainbreakers weathers Crypto Winter – raising $130,000 during pre-sale

The team is also seeking out $2m in seed investment

Chainbreakers sought to weather the storm of crypto-winter

Cryptocurrencies and companies have weathered the winter of 2018, with Chainbreakers being among them. Having begun its pre-sale at the tail-end of 2018 [November], the team has since managed to raise $130,000.

Starting off this series of NFT sales with its range of legendary-class weapons, the team was able to start with some serious momentum.

Each of these assets managed to sell for anything from 15,000-18,000 MANA ($800-1,000USD).

Among this ‘Legendary’ class of items was the highly exclusive ‘Chainbreaker.’

Introduced to the community via auction in April, it has since been snatched up for a total of 38,509 MANA ($2,016).

The next Odyssey

While the task of raising funds through an item sale proved challenging for the team initially, it powered through. Alongside the money raised through these sales, the team has also been steadily working towards a $2m seed fund round.

The goal? To take the game to its next level and gear it up ready for launch, it seems. Having recently put Matic to use as an alternative to other layer-2 solutions, Chainbreakers is building up to sustain high-performance while ensuring scalability.

Find out more about the pre-sale post-mortem right here.

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