Chainbreakers integrates Matic as Layer-2 solution in battle for scalability

Scalability is a big challenge for blockchain games

Chainbreakers has officially integrated with Matic as a layer 2 solution

Scalability is one of the big challenges for blockchain gaming projects, with Chainbreakers being one of them. In order to deal with this potential bottleneck, the team has announced its decision to integrate Matic.

This decision was made over a range of other Ethereum-based layer-2 solutions available to blockchain projects. The team has some very clear reasoning behind this decision. The first being the allegedly drastic improvement to transaction speeds by using Matic.

“Gameplay calculated on the Ethereum main net takes 30 seconds or even minutes per action. With Matic Network, our players can experience actions being calculated within less than a second.”

The objective of Chainbreakers in bringing in this solution is to allow for a blockchain game that can emulate the same seamless experience. Matic’s plasma solution provides the following solutions for its users:

  • Account-based Plasma
  • Similar in nature to Plasma MoreVP (More Viable Plasma)
  • Faster blocks (~1s)
  • EVM-compatible sidechain and thereby similar developer interface
  • Proof-of-Stake layer for ensuring liveness

For more information about Matic, visit its blog here.

Exclusive giveaway

To commemorate this brand new partnership, Chainbreakers has been hosting an exclusive giveaway. With the team counting down the last days of its crowdsale, there are $1,000 worth of Matic tokens up for grabs for players.


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