Chainbreakers community kick-starts baby NFT sale

So far, the pets have racked up 13.47ETH in volume

With more than 427 NFTs airdropped, players are actively buying, selling and trading

Chainbreakers, the virtual reality title coming to Decentraland has kicked off a community-driven NFT sale. This comes a few weeks after its broader item sale which raised 1.8m MANA (over $100,000). Users would have had the opportunity to claim one or more of these baby pet NFTs during the main sale as well.

But now, with these pets now getting their own dedicated sale. Players appear to be keen to trade these around over this month after the airdrop.

These pets, much like the previous NFTs, are fully listed on OpenSea‘s marketplace. 427 of them, to be exact. Currently, these NFT have managed to accrue 13.47ETH in volume for the time being. Meaning that players have paid $2,200 for these baby pets so far.

Among this range of NFTs are clearly some users that managed to take part in the airdrop as well. Having happened days before, it seems to have piqued some interest from the community.

Check out the full catalogue right here.

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