How MakerDAO intends to streamline mass adoption for blockchain games one title at a time

MakerDAO is bringing dollars to the villages of CryptoWars

MakerDAO is looking to streamline gaming and learn from bumps in its road towards broader use

With the integration of gaming, depending on its success. We want to help create a world of gaming using DAI

Nadia Alvarez Business Development - MakerDAO

With the conclusion of the CryptoChicks event over the previous weekend, it represented the debut of MakerDAO in CryptoWars.

Having previously announced the partnership just days ahead of the tournament. The renowned stablecoin has effectively marched into the world of blockchain gaming.

So, with the inclusion of this major name into CryptoWars and, effectively, the Loom Network. We took the time to speak both with Matias Nisenson of Experimental, and Nadia Alvarez of MakerDAO.

Some context – Loom Network

While the inclusion of stablecoins into blockchain gaming seems, to some, unusual or expected. For the Loom Network, MakerDAO is the latest in an extensive list of coins to be integrated into the ecosystem.

Having announced some time ago that the network has since integrated more than 100 ERC20 tokens. Loom is set up for a far more extensive degree of accessibility from otherwise unfamiliar crypto-users.

DAI enters the CryptoWars


While DAI is only integrated into CryptoWars.

MakerDAO sees the entrance of its stablecoin as part of a broader reach into blockchain gaming and, as a result, a more extensive audience:

“Gaming is one of our objectives, we know that it will be the main area for cryptocurrency use and growth,” Alvarez continues.

“This is our main focus right now – bringing MakerDAO to a mass audience.”

There is so much to explain to a user. If we can simplify the crypto-side with something like DAI, it makes it much easier for the player.

Matias Nisenson CEO of Experimental

While this places DAI in front of a growing community, the benefits are two-fold for Experimental and its gaming community.

Being based in Latin America, there has been a much broader push for supporting the ‘unbanked’ – those without access to a bank account.

So, for players, CryptoWars provides a better prospect for onboarding, while monetising their time.

The previous point – getting people informed of the game and its mechanics, is something that Nisenson is glad to see whittled down to a sleek finish.

The inclusion of DAI brings an exciting synthesis of gaming and investing, according to Nisenson.

With players being able to monetise their time with tournaments and NFT sales directly. But also in staking behind various alliances or loans in support of allied villages.

“There are a lot of ways in which we can bring these two worlds [BC Gaming & DAI] together,” Nisenson explains.

“Players could potentially lend money to other villages as loans, or pool together money within an alliance for going to war.”

The synthesis of stablecoins and gaming presents the joint potential of providing easier on-boarding for players, while also providing an innovative perspective on stakeholding within each game.

Sponsored tournaments and long-term plans


“It’s something that we are stepping into for the first time,” Alvarez concedes.

“However, successful this application will help us to improve our approach in integrating with other games in the future.”

The MakerDAO team hinges this ambition upon the underlying success of Experimental’s series of tournaments.

Among them, DAI has both been integrated as payment and rewards solution, but Maker is also sponsoring 9 of the tournaments.

With the conclusion of the CryptoChicks tournament demonstrating significant improvements to scalability and transaction speeds. Things are looking optimistic for both teams.

Once these competitions conclude, the most logical [potential] step would be to collaborate with the Loom network and its growing library of games. While this would make a good next move, it remains to be seen just yet.

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