Axie Infinity is coming to Battle Racers with an exclusive crate sale

With only 150 of these chests available, players better act fast

The [not so] mysterious boxes
Battle Racers has been proving to be a hit among its supporters. Having raised more than $130,000 within the first week, it’s pulling out some more interesting NFTs. Among them are assets from the world of Lunacia, or Axie Infinity to be more precise.

Altitude Games, the development team behind the game, has revealed that 150 Axie-themed crates will be arriving on Battle Racers on Friday May 7th at 10:00 am EDT (GMT-4), 7:00 am PDT (GMT-7), and 4:00 pm CET (GMT+2).

Within each of these crates are 4 random NFTs, meaning that there are approximately 600 of these Axie assets to collect. Much like the crates already available to users, these NFTs come in three distinct rarities –

  • Chubby Carrot [Common] – 80 full sets of these are in circulation
  • Sleepless Bite [Rare] – 50 full sets will be in circulation
  • Triple Nut Star [Epic] – 20 full sets are in circulation

Some of the added positives about these chests is that they offer a 3% chance that NFTs within them will be ‘Elite’.

Meaning that they’ll carry unique buffs for their user. Much like with earlier Battle Racers chests, each of these items will be labelled as ‘prime’ NFTs too.

For more information, check out the Battle Racers website.

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