Gods Unchained launches closed beta

These players will be the first to test out the newly updated game

Late on June 5th, the Gods Unchained team made it public that 1,200 users were enrolled within its beta. In the rather laconic statement, these players will be among the first to test out some of the major changes made in the past few weeks.

These updates include v0.14, which addressed outlying issues with UX and deck creation for new users. Along with these changes to the overall look of the menus, Gods Unchained now features a level progression system.

Each level that a player obtains earns them core packs in order to chop and change their existing deck/s.

Closed beta (for now)

Along with improvements to the games UI/UX. The team has added 27 new cards while taking 52 out of circulation to address balance

According to the team, the reason for this initial closed beta is due to the updates still needed in order to bring it to a more ‘open audience.’

Among these improvements is the need for optimization for Mac, as the team concedes in its email to testers.

“We have yet to heavily optimize the game on certain devices (including mac). These upgrades will occur after our new game board is introduced, so the device you play on will impact the games current performance.”

Check out Gods Unchained here.

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