Blockchain Cuties is getting players prepared for its ‘mega pre-sale’

War has never looked so adorable

Time is ticking down until the beginning of the land sale for Blockchain Cuties Universe.

Right next to the announcement that Blockchain Cuties Universe coming to NEO. Its land sale is the most anticipated, as it dovetails with some interesting future events and mechanics. With the development team dropping hints over the course of last month on Twitter.

Scout Cuties – Complete with ‘disappointed stare’

This gets to the crux of why the cuties community (commun-cutie?) are excited for the beginning of this pre-sale. The team has already stated that it will feature everything needed for players to get themselves positioned for these ‘wars.’

Along with alluding to the kind of equipment and lands that will be on sale. The team has also provided some insight into what future cuties will look like in various roles. Warfare has never looked so adorable.

Find out more about the update here.

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