F1 Delta Time has begun its second NFT sale with the Monaco Edition

F1 Delta Time’s second exclusive NFT ‘Monaco’ will be put up for auction on June 19th.

Having opened and closed its first exclusive NFT pre-sale during late-May to the tune of over $110,000. The F1 Delta Time team has revealed its next racing car to go up for auction on June 19th – ‘Monaco Edition 2019.’

The NFT is a homage to the recently concluded Monaco Grand Prix, and it’s amazing to what kind of detail the team has gone.

With the emblazoned coat of arms for Monaco, the paint-job and even the statistics that the vehicle provides.

These include:

Top speed – 977, which is a reference to the 77th Monaco Grand Prix in 2019;

Acceleration – 929, due to the Monaco Grand Prix hosting its first race in 1929

Grip – 978, for the 78 laps that make up the Grand Prix

Luck factor – 33, based on the fact that the Circuit de Monaco is 3.337 km long.

Along with these very interesting and symbolic statistics, the Monaco Edition provides its user with a unique buff.

This home advantage means that whenever this NFT is used on the ‘Circuit de Monaco’ race track.

The auction is due to get started on June 19th and, if the 1-1-1 sale is anything to go by, it will be a hotly contested auction.

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