Battle Racers concludes item sale – raising over $170,000

The Battle Racers team concludes its ‘hell of a ride’

Battle Racers‘ item sale has finally concluded this week, raising more than 597 ETH, roughly translating to $170,000.

For those that remember, one of the promotional sales that the Battle Racers hosted was in collaboration with Axie Infinity.

Thanks in part to the groundswell of users from both games, and the very low price of 0.1ETH per chest. The sale concluded in just under 7 minutes. One hell of a ride indeed.

Along with raising nearly 600 ETH from this sale, over 54% of chests sold were wooden crates.

With the team itself effectively minting more than 6,300 unique assets for the pre-sale in question, along with 2/3rds of legendary NFTs still within unopened chests.

Be sure to check out some of the other key statistics on the infographic provided by the team right here.

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