Refereum seeks to become the latest C-Node with ICON

Refereum has set out its new campaign to become a Community Node within ICON

Dylan Jones, the CEO of the gaming community site, Refereum, took to Livestream this week to announce that the team has since applied to become a Node with ICON.

For those unfamiliar, ICON is a blockchain solution based in South Korea which allows various platforms to connect to its ‘Nexus’ and benefit from fast processing speeds for transactions and information.

“C-Nodes are available to both individuals and organizations (banks, brokers, insurers, schools, governments, etc.), and Node policies are determined by the members of each Community.”


Whether or not these nodes operate in a similar fashion to Super Representatives in TRON or Validator Nodes in EOS remains to be seen. However, if ICON’s C-Nodes do operate in this manner, it provides some financial incentive for the Refereum team.

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