Kriptomat announces the winners of its first ERC1155 minting competition

Kriptomat has announced both the most popular NFTs along with their own favourite minted assets this week

Since partnering up with Enjin and its veritable multiverse, Kriptomat hasn’t been contented with just being an exchange using ERC1155. Taking advantage of Enjin’s dedicated minting solution, the exchange resolved itself to hosting the very first NFT minting competition among users.

In the Game of Throne of Games, you win or you lose a life… Wah-Hooo!

With the beginning of July, the Kriptomat team has had a good degree of time with which to weigh up the contenders.

The team has now revealed the winners, each of them having gained enough votes to be recipients of the contest’s grand prize.

This, of course, is that each of the assets will be officially minted and released on Ethereum, backed by $100 worth of ENJ.

Along with these ‘Grand Prizes’, there were a series of consolation prizes given out for the number of users participating, according to the team.

“We promised to give away 5 Blue Dragons for every 100 participants with the max cap of 50 Dragons. There were 561 eligible participants, so we will mint 25 Blue Dragons and deliver them to the Ethereum wallet addresses provided by the lucky draw winners.”

Be sure to check out the winning assets right here.

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