Trial by Minting – Kriptomat introduces ‘very first’ ERC1155 minting competition

Your only limit is your creativity, and other competitors

Kriptomat launches its very first ERC1155 minting competition, with over $600 worth of creative prizes on the line

While the Kriptomat team has officially kicked off its STO on 22nd May, it wants to get users testing out minting. And what better way to showcase this new feature than to host a minting competition.

The digital wallet and exchange, through its partnership with Enjin, now offers its users the ability to mint their own in-game items.

And with the beginning of this competition, 6 winners will have their NFTs backed by $100 worth of ENJ.

Rather than simply being a limited collector’s item, these will then be added to the Enjin mainnet.

As we’ve seen from the launch of games like Forgotten Artefacts, [and soon Space Misfits].

This means that players will be able to back them up to their wallet, and possibly even put them to use in Enjin’s gaming multiverse.

To participate, users will need to have an active Enjin account on either the Kovan testnet, or ENJ mainnet.

From there – let creativity guide your hand – followed by submitting it and posting it over social media. With nearly 4,000 entries so far, it’s looking to be a hotly contested one.

The competition will be running until 13th June, when Kriptomat will be announcing the winners.

Interested in competing? Visit the minting page here. Be sure to have your mainnet or Kovan Testnet credentials handy.

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