Decentraland players claim more than 1,500 Avatar names in first 24 hours

There’s every incentive for Decentraland players to strike a digital avatar this week

Decentraland players are now able to create their own unique digital avatars to use within the game. Before these more ‘human’ characters were available, users had to make do with more robotic versions of themselves in-game.

So how has the community reacted to the introduction of these new avatars? According to the Decentraland team, they’ve actually claimed more than 1,500 unique names within the first 24 hours.

It’s safe to say that users are more than enamoured by the fact that they now have access to highly customizable iterations of themselves.

There’s certainly a reason to be if that’s not enough of an incentive. The first 4,000 people to secure an avatar of their own is eligible to win an exclusive My Crypto Heroes NFT. So the time is now for digitizing yourselves.

Check out the Decentraland website to find out how.

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