Offers are now live for Axie Infinity’s land & item marketplace on Loom

Axie Infinity has since taken its offer system live this week

Community engagement is something that Axie Infinity has most notably excelled at. With the latest announcement that an offer system is now live for its land and item market on Loom, we’re going to see even more community activity.

What this means now is that players can either purchase as yet un-owned plots of land and items.

Alternatively, they can place a bid for any patch of land that is already owned. In a similar way as bidding on other titles, those receiving a bid can just as easily accept or reject a bid.

Those receiving an offer on their NFT/s will get an email to inform them that an offer has been made.

From there, they can choose whether or not they want to accept it. The interface also allows you to see if the person has those funds within their digital wallet or not, making a little easier to consider their offer.

Be sure to check out the full announcement from the team here.

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