The Sandbox sell over $200,000 of Land NFTs in its 2nd pre-sale

The second Land pre-sale from The Sandbox has been a success.

Over 800 ETH (over $200,000 at current prices) has been spent on these permanent, persistent NFTs.

6,192 individual parcels were available and over 90% sold out within the first couple of days. 

Taking into account the first Land sale held in December 2019 that means 7.5% of the total Land that will be available in The Sandbox has sold out.

Three more Land sales are planned as the game – one of the most anticipated in the industry – gets closer to launch. 

In addition to Land, The Sandbox is also selling its first set of in-game assets. These 10 NFTs have been created by the first wave of artists supported by the game’s Creator Fund. 

You can find out more about the ongoing pre-sale and future plans via The Sandbox website

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