Enjin Wallet updated with support for ERC1155 batch transactions, ENS and biometric signing

Enjin has updated its mobile Ethereum wallet, adding the ability to bundle, send or melt up to 100 ERC20 and ERC721 tokens in one transaction, as well as support for human readable ENS domain standard. 

The token bundling feature is part of the ERC1155 standard, which Enjin created as it makes token transference cheaper and more flexible. Previously, each token would have to be sent as a separate transaction.  

Many blockchain game developers have already been using the ERC1155 standard, but this wallet update makes it available for everyone.

Another element of the ERC1155 standard is it allows users to melt bundles of tokens created using the Enjin platform back to their original ENJ tokens. 

One of the interesting features of Enjin token creation is that all of its NFTs have inherent value due to the ENJ that’s baked into them during the creation process. 

Currently, the 52 million ERC1155 tokens in existence are backed with 12.5 million ENJ, worth around $1 million at current prices. 

The update adds support for the Ethereum Name Standard (ENS), which means people can send tokens via the wallet to human readable addresses ending with the .eth domain instead of using the 42 digits more typically used. 

Users can also sign transactions using their phone’s fingerprint or facial recognition features. 

You can download the wallet from the App Store, Google Play, or via APK.

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