Blankos Block Party NFT marketplace goes live in May

Anticipated blockchain game Blankos Block Party has announced its in-game marketplace is going live in May.

For the first time, this will allow owners of the Blankos NFTs to start trading their collections.

The PC game has been in open beta since November 2020 and has been regularly releasing limited edition Blankos characters, which have been sold at 1,000 Bucks (around $10 of nominal value).

When the marketplace goes live, players will be able to capitalize on their NFTs, particularly in terms of the rarest Blankos that were gifted back in 2019, as well as Blankos with low serial numbers. 

As seen in projects such as NBA Top Shot, low serial number NFTs typically resell at a multiple of the standard price.

Despite running on a customized version of the EOSIO blockchain, the Blankos Block Party marketplace will use USD and ETH as its only two currencies at launch. 

Over time, developer Mythical Games expects to expand these options, as well as enabling players to move their NFTs out of the game’s inbuilt custodial wallet to their own wallets. 

You can sign up for Blankos Block Party and join the beta via the website

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