Blockchain Game Presales: Emojibles now live

As the blockchain game sector has matured, so – thankfully – have presales. 

Previously a crude way of attempting to fund games, which may or may not be finished, developers now use pre-sales to build community and excitement about a game that’s pretty much ready to launch. 

In that way, presales provide the first opportunity for fans to prove their commitment, as well as hopefully getting some exclusive in-game items and currency at a heavy discount. 

Of course, the eventual value of such items remains uncertain, and no-one should buy into a presale in the expectation of making money. 

Nevertheless, the ability to truly own items independent of the game that gives them context is something that only blockchain games can do. 

This list will be regularly updated, so feel free to let us know if there are presales we should be adding.

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The Sandbox (ETH)

The Sandbox will continue its fourth Land presale on 15 September, but this time you will only be able to purchase using its just-launched SAND ERC20 token.

The SAND token was launched on Binance and is now also available via Uniswap.

LAND prices will be offered at a 10% discount to public rates and the sale will run over four waves; one starting each day from 15 to 18 September.

To-date, The Sandbox has sold through all its LAND sales, raising over $1.5 million in the process.

You can read more details via Medium.

Emojibles (ETH)

Reality Gaming Group has launched its Emojibles NFT collection with some limited edition sets available.

More generally, users can start to build up their collection of emojis by buy packs using credit card, PayPal or crypto. These NFT will be characters in the forthcoming Emoji Clash PVP game. A trading marketplace will also launch soon.

Find out more at the Emojible website.

Arena Golf (ETH)

Arena Golf has launched its Founder sale with golfer NFTs that will be the first to compete in Season One contests and tournaments where the prize pot is already close to 80 ETH. 10% of Founder sales go into the prize pool.

Find out more at the Arena Golf website.

Cryptic Legends (ETH)

Tactical card hero game Cryptic Legends has launched its presale, selling its Standard Hero packs (3 heroes for €3.99) and its XL Hero Packs (5 heroes for €5.99).

Buying Hero packs also accumulates founder points, which unlock rewards via the founders tier system.

You can check out the presale via the Cryptic Legends’ website.

League of Kingdoms (ETH)

Nplus Entertainment’s 4X game League of Kingdoms has kicked off its latest Land pre-sales, boasting a 30% discount. Currently the highest level Lands have sold out, but there are plenty of plots still available – starting from 0.27 ETH.

Find out more at the League of Kingdoms Land presale.

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