Expensive game NFTs: F1 Delta Time sells NFTs worth $2 million

Welcome to our roundup of the top game NFTs sales. 

Most expensive game NFTs

(USD, at time of purchase)

(Here’s a list of the most expensive NFTs in term of ETH)

  • 15 March 2021

Animoca Brands has announced the sale of 800 tracks NFTs and its ’70th Anniversary Edition’ F1 car – all in its game F1 Delta Time – generated a total of just over $2 million.

The car was auctioned for 987,000 REVV ($265,000 at time of writing), with the track NFTs combining to a total of 8 million REVV ($1.8 million).

There’s also been the secondary sale of the ‘Australia Edition 2020’ car for 1.2 million REVV (around $430,000).

  • 8 March 2021

The Navination Season 1 NFT Cup from the Navi esports team has sold for $100,000 via the DMarket marketplace.

The NFT is part of the Drop.gg platform, which allows esports teams to drop low value NFTs to spectators, which can be crafted into more rare digital items. These can be traded on DMarket.

  • 9 February 2021

Nine Genesis land plots in Axie Infinity have sold for 888.25 ETH (or $1.5 million at time of sale).

The buyer is Flying Falcon and the seller is well known NFT owner @seedphrase.

  • 24 January 2021

NBA collectibles dapp NBA Top Shot continues to break its own records, with two Moment NFTs selling for $100,000.

One is a LeBron James, serial number 1 from the set From the Top, the other is a Zion Williamson serial number 1 from the set Holo MMX.

  • 23 January 2021

An alien CryptoPunk – #2890 – sold for 605 ETH (around $750,000 at time of sale).

There are only 9 Alien punks out of a total of 10,000 CryptoPunks, and this punk hadn’t been sold since July 2017. However, three Alien CryptoPunks are now under offer for bids of up to 666 ETH ($850,000).

  • 15 January 2021

Dapper Labs’ basketball collectible series NBA Top Shot has seen another all-time high with a legendary moment of the player Ja Morant selling for $35,000.

The moment was part of the Cosmic Series 1 set but the high price came because it had the serial number 1.

  • 9 January 2021

Animoca Brands’ F1 Delta Time sold at auction an Apex NFT for the track Spa-Francorchamps for 1.8 million REVV (worth $89,500 at time of sale).

The winning wallet also bought the $77,000 ‘Bahrain Edition 2020‘ F1 car and owns an NFT from the Monaco track, worth $40,000.

  • 6 January 2021

Dapper Labs’ basketball collectible-turning-game project NBA Top Shot has seen its highest individual sale to-date.

A ‘Cosmic LeBron James moment’ – NFTs in the project are labelled – was traded in the marketplace for $26,500.

More generally, over $1.2 million of trading was experienced during a week, including more than $400,000 in a single day.

  • 29 December 2020

Mobile virtual property-owning game Upland has sold its highest valued NFT, its version of The New York Stock Exchange for $23,000 during a three day auction.

  • 7 December 2020

Fantasy soccer card game Sorare has sold a one-off NFT of the PSG player Kylian Mbappé for 116 ETH or around $65,000 at the time of the sale.

To-date, Sorare has generated $3.2 million in all-time sales and trading.

  • 3 December 2020

Animoca Brands has sold one of its Apex cars – ‘Bahrain Edition 2020’ – from its F1 Delta Time game via auction for 2.65 million REVV, which is the game’s cryptocurrency.

This is equivalent to 139 ETH or $77,400 at the time of the sale.

The acquirer was Lithanunia businessman Tony G, who recently launched his Super Fast racing esports team in the game.

  • 2 December 2020

Animoca Brands has sold one of five Apex NFTs from the Monaco circuit from its F1 Delta Time game via auction for 9.1 million REVV.

REVV is the ERC20 cryptocurrency, which is used in F1 Delta Time, as well as other of Animoca’s motorsport games.

The actual sale price was 9,081,752 REVV, equivalent to 375.6 ETH, or $223,000 at the time of the sale. 

Animoca Brands says this is the “highest price ever paid for a game-based NFT”. 

Ownership of the NFT – officially called Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2020 1A – will generate revenue for the owner whenever other players race on the track.

The buyer was MetaKovan via the MetaPurse NFT collection. He also owns the most expensive car NFT in F1 Delta Time.

  • 13 November 2020

An Ape CryptoPunk – #2924 – has sold for 150 ETH (around $72,000 at the time of purchase). Only 24 Ape punks exist. 

  • 6 November 2020

A triple-Mystic Axie from the game Axie Infinity#1046 aka Angel – sold via the marketplace for 300 ETH (around $130,000 at time of purchase). 

The total supply of Mystic Axies is capped at a maximum of 1,362 although the total number isn’t yet known as it’s based on the game’s breeding mechanics. 

Currently only 17 Triple Axies and 3 Quad Axies exist. 

  • 3 October 2020

A zombie CryptoPunk – #4513 – has sold for 185 ETH (around $64,000 at the time of purchase).  Only 88 Zombie punks exist. 

  • 17 September 2020

An Ape CryptoPunk – #5314 – has sold for 140 ETH (around $55,000 at the time of purchase). Only 24 Ape punks exist.

  • 29 May 2019

Animoca Brands has sold 1-1-1, the first Apex car from its F1 Delta Time game, via auction for 415.9 ETH (around $111,000 at time of purchase).

  • 11 February 2019

Immutable Games has sold Hyperion, one of its four Genesis Titan cards from its Gods Unchained game, for 137.8 ETH (around $60,000 at the time of purchase). 

  • 4 September 2018

CryptoKitty #896775 – aka Dragon – was purchased for 600 ETH (around $170,000 at the time of purchase). 

The purchase is widely regarded to have been a mistake as Dragon has no significant features or rarity value. 

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