Mythical Games raises $150 million on a $1.25 billion valuation

There’s a new unicorn in the blockchain gaming world as Mythical Games lands $150 million in new investment via its Series C round.

Spearheading it was Andreessen Horowitz, with further backers including Binance, FTX, Redbird Capital and more.

With this new investment capital, its team headcount (now 150+) and ambitions have only grown. In the coming months, the company is hard at work; aiming to launch its dedicated Mythical Platform to support developers and help them launch their own crypto-powered titles.

The first three partners were recently announced;  Abstraction Games, Creative Mobile and CCG Lab.

Mythical Games

What’s even more interesting is the line-up of firms and individuals getting behind the developer of the Blankos Block Party game.

These include 32 Equity, along with OneTeam Partners – the investment arms for the NFL and MLB – The Kraft Group, Fenway Sports Group, even Michael Jordan and OneDirection’s Ryan Tedder.

Such an eclectic mix of investors is testament to the diverse universe and economy that Mythical is building.

Having secured partnerships with major fashion brands like Burberry in the past and, more recently, Deadmau5, there’s a clear potential for brands to get minted and published within the Mythical ecosystem.

Far more than NFTs, the team offers third parties the path to publishing games on its platform. Being built on the EOS.IO SDK, Mythical’s platform opens devs up to a growing blockchain ecosystem and a provably flourishing economy – as this recent investment proves.

Find out more, including open positions, at the Mythical Games website.

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