Ultra and Digerati announce new publishing partnership

The blockchain-based digital entertainment platform, Ultra has annnouncd a new publishing partnership with indie publisher – Digerati.

Having published over 60 independent titles, the partnership offers Digerati the chance to provide its developer community with access to a far greater pool of players through Ultra.io.

Nick Alfieri, Digerati’s Head of Publishing expressed optimism at the opportunities that the publishing agreement brings for both sides.

“We can’t wait for users to discover the great selection of Digerati titles we’re bringing to Ultra, which will include a roguelike deck-builder, stunt-based FPS, and a mystical narrative adventure.”

Some of the titles heading to the platform include the likes of Tunnel of Doom, Peachleaf Pirates, and Terror of Hemasaurus among others.

Ultra: partnering up to support publishers and devs

This is the latest of a series of impressive publishing partnerships for Ultra. Q4 of 2021 alone saw the platform strike up new publishing partnerships with Skybound Entertainment – the publisher behind the Walking Dead series. Shortly thereafter, the France-based developer & publisher Microids joined the fray too.

At its core, Ultra’s value to game developers and publishers lies in its utility – allowing companies to discover and make use of new ways to monetise and deliver meaningful value to their communities.

“Ultra’s blockchain technology can be used in a myriad of ways and providing these newfound possibilities to game developers around the world will create a fairer and more rewarding gaming experience to everyone involved,”

Nicolas Gilot – Ultra Co-CEO

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