South Korea puts pressure on Apple and Google to pull P2E games

In the past, South Korea has exuded a cautious attitude towards blockchain technology and all its permutations. This week, however, the local news site Naver reported that the South Korean government has placed pressure on both Google and Apple to block new and existing games that use P2E.

The government further added that such games should not be eligible to receive any kind of age rating within the country. This decision comes in the aftermath of Five Stars for Klaytn, which was blocked from receiving a rating, but is currently in the middle of a legal battle that will decide the longer-term trajectory of P2E titles.

While the decision stemmed from the state’s Game Management Committee in the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, it referred to its demand as ‘reasonable’, and in accordance with its own regulations and definition of P2E rewards as ‘prizes’. According to the government’s current regulations, prizes from gaming are allowed to be only around US$8.5 at a time.

NFTs have previously faced some turbulence within South Korea, with its Game Rating and Administration Committee expressing a cautious yet welcoming attitude towards them, in the long term.

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