Stardust announces support for Immutable X

Integration Offers Scalability, Zero Gas Fees and 100% Carbon Neutrality to Developers on Stardust.

Stardust, the metaverse game development platform, has announced that Immutable X will be the latest added to its extensive list of solutions game developers can use to build their projects. Stardust aims to provide developers ease of use, efficiency and flexibility with its blockchain-agnostic approach to developing on blockchain, as Canaan Linder, Stardust’s CEO & Founder highlights:

“The future of the Metaverse is a multi-chain world… Ethereum continues to be the most secure blockchain. With ZK rollups, Immutable X is able to provide an ecosystem that is fast, cheap, and extremely secure.” 

Operating as a Layer 2 solution, Immutable X operates as a way for users to avoid the high cost of transaction fees on Ethereum, while also enabling zero gas fees, rapid transactions and carbon-neutral digital assets. With Immutable X as the latest solution available on Stardust, developers can make a choice of blockchain-based on technical needs, and environmental considerations.

“NFTs as part of the play-to-earn ecosystem will have an unprecedented impact on digital economies,” says Atif Khan, COO at Stardust. “Our partnership with Immutable X is paving the road to that future.”

“Gaming will prove out the power of NFTs in 2022 — enabling a future where players can own and trade their assets anywhere, without restriction,” says Robbie Ferguson, co-founder at Immutable. “We’re thrilled to help enable hundreds of millions of NFT trades per day cost within Stardust, enabling some of the biggest games in the world to experiment with the power of play-to-earn without gas costs.”

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